high-capacity haynets






The high-capacity haynet is suitable for fixing but nevertheless easily transported from A to B. It is suitable for usage in an open stable, paddock, meadow etc. and can be delivered in nearly every size.

All our high-capacity haynets have a flap, to avoid the horse from ‚pinching’ hay from the upper side.

We fill our nets like this. And with some imagination it is possible to achieve great ease even with basic means. Don´t spend money on expensive bells and whistles!


Open the flap of the net and unfold it to the rear. Use a stick to widen the opening. Now your have two hands free to fill in the hay into the net. Close the flap and here you go ready for feeding.

In our shop you will find high-capacity haynets in various qualities, colours, sizes and mesh sizes.



Close up of a mesh without knots (woven) Available mesh sizes from 4,5 cm  x 4,5 cm up to 7x7 cm.


Close up of a knotted mesh with an enforced rim!

Available mesh size 6 x 6 cm.


Maybe you have read that only 6 cm meshes are suitable for feeding horses? These statements don´t rely on scientific proven studies. The science centre Weihenstephan did a successful survey with nets with a mesh size of 4x4cm! This can be looked up in the special interest magazine Cavallo 10/2005, page 70! At our shop you will find various mesh sizes – the right net of every horse!

In addition you will find the matching utensils like snap hooks and tie rings in our Shop:





haynet 5 x 1 m (client´s picture)

fixed on a horse trailer, it is even possible to feed your horse during a show

Al Capone likes it….

… as well as Charly and Vincent (client´s picture)

this way round does the job as well (client´s picture)

Order possibilities, prices and freight costs you will find at our Shop.